Design Guidance


July 2020

New Design Note on Energy Conservation and Mechanical and Electrical Services.  This technical guidance design note is provided to either update or clarify existing Technical Guidance Documents (TGDs) information, or provide direction on a new provision not currently addressed in the TGDs or to confirm the functional requirements of identified items that have been in general practice for some time. This is to be read in conjunction with all other TGDs.  See under Technical Guidance Documents.

September 2019
TGD 025 (Identification and Suitability Assessment of Sites for Primary Schools) and TGD027 (Identification and Suitability Assessment of Sites for Post Primary Schools) updated in relation to urban sites.

February 2018
TGD033 School Building Projects and Compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations 2017, 1st Edition February 2018, published.  Part L of the Building Regulations relates to Conservation of Fuel and Energy for Buildings other than Dwellings.  Scroll down to view.

Primary and Post Primary Design Guidance

Documents relating to the design guidelines for primary and post primary schools are organised in the following categories:

1. General
2. Room Layouts
3. Construction Standards
4. Percentage for Art
5. Archive Documents

Document Edition & Revision
Document edition numbers and revisions are stated on the cover of each document. To check for previous versions, follow the link to the relevant section and scroll down to ARCHIVE DOCUMENTS.