Appointment of Consultants


October 2018
New additional documents relating to the Appointment of Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP) have been uploaded, including Suitability Assessment Declaration (QC1) and template letter of invitation, letter to unsuccessful tenderers, letter of intent and letter of acceptance.

September 2018
Documents for appointment of consultants updated (Suitability Assessment, Award Stage Documents (Restricted Procedure) and Award Stage Documents (Open Procedure).  Scroll down to view.

January 2018
DoES Schedule of Stage Services for Construction Consultants (Revision 5, January 2018) published.  Revision provides updated reference to Design Team Procedures Practice Note 1 (Revision 2, February 2017)

August 2016
Revised Instructions to Tenderers, Schedule of Stage Services, Conditions of Engagement and Template Letters of Invitation to Tender have been published. These documents reflect the changes to the Public Works Contracts following The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform published Circular 01/16: 'Construction procurement - revision of arrangements for the procurement of public works projects' To view the updated documents scroll down to AWARD STAGE DOCUMENTS (Restricted Procedure for Major Projects) and TENDER DOCUMENTS (Open Procedure for Minor Projects)

New Procedures for the Appointment of Consultants

Documents relating to the Appointment of Consultants are organised in the following categories:

  1. Suitability Assessment (OPEN and RESTRICTED Procedures)
  2. Award Stage Documents (RESTRICTED Procedure for Major Projects, Type 2b1, 2b2, 2b3 & 2.b4 and Type 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6)(In general Type 2b projects range from approximately €2.5m to €7.5m in value; Type 3 projects are generally projects over €7.5m in approximate value)
  3. Tender Documents (OPEN Procedure for Minor Projects, Type 2a0, 2a1 and 2a2)(In general Type 2a projects range from approximately €1m to €2.5m in value)
  4. Small Works (Summer Works and small Devolved Projects) (Small Works are classified as projects under approximately €1m in value)
  5. Archive Documents

Document Edition & Revision
Document edition numbers and revisions are stated on the cover of each document. To check for previous versions, follow the link to the relevant section and scroll down to ARCHIVE DOCUMENTS.

SUITABILITY ASSESSMENT (Open and Restricted Procedures)

AWARD STAGE DOCUMENTS (Restricted Procedure for Major Projects, Type 2b and Type 3)

TENDER DOCUMENTS (Open Procedure for Minor Projects, Type 2a)


SMALL WORKS (Summer Works and small Devolved projects)

Note: For the appointment of Consultants for Small Works (summer works and devolved projects) refer to:

Guidance on Procuring Consultants for Small Works Projects (3rd Edition, April 2016)

Step-by-Step Guide to using eTenders

Standard Conditions of Engagement for Consultancy Services (Technical)- (For appointment of consultants for small works only)