• Introduction

    Mary Nugent, (Educational Psychologist, NEPS) talking about this resource

  • Structure of the Literacy Tree

    Siobhan O’Donoghue, Reading Recovery Specialist (PDST) talking about the structure of the Literacy Tree.

  • Concepts of Print

    Children being introduced to concepts of print using a shared Big Book approach in Bansha National School.

  • Book Start Reading at Home

  • Parent and Child

    Parent interactively reading aloud

  • Motivating Read Aloud

    Use of motivating books in engaging young learners.

  • Positive Affirmation

    Affirmations in practice in Glor na Mara, National School, Tramore

  • Small Group Instruction Part 1

    Positive declarations, reading fluency, shared reading, children reading text at the just-right level

  • Small Group Instruction Part 2

    explicit phonics instruction, phonemic awareness, development of synthetic phonics, early spelling, Elkonin boxes, sentence cut-up

  • Small Group Instruction Part 3

    Guided reading, picture walk, questions checking comprehension, word and sentence level work, context and letter-sound reading strategies, paired reading, independent reading, positive declarations

  • Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

    Siobhan O’Donoghue, Reading Recovery Specialist (PDST), talking about phonological and phonemic awareness

  • St Michaels

    Children in St Michael's Infant School, Limerick developing their phonemic abilities

  • Creating Strategic Readers

    Reading Fluency, positive declarations, gradual release of responsibility, creating strategic readers, attacking unknown words, how to cross-check

  • Shared practice of Reading Strategies

    Shared practice of reading strategies, alternative phoneme digraph sounds, linking phonemic awareness to spelling

  • Trying alternative vowel sounds

    Creating strategic readers, trying alternative vowel sounds, linking phonemic awareness to spelling, segmenting words into individual phonemes, actively sorting words into groups, irregular words

  • Introducing a New Text

    Introduction of a new text and to the narrative genre, new and memorable vocabulary

  • Creative Readers Putting it all Together

    Awareness of sight words, applying strategies in meaningful reading, cross-checking for meaning, flipping the vowel

  • Junior Infants student reading with older student

    older child helping a younger child with book reading.

  • Invented spelling

    Children in St Michael’s Infant School, Limerick working on invented spellings

  • Spelling Tests

    Mary Nugent (NEPS, Educational Psychologist) talking about spelling tests and the alternative approach of word study

  • Opportunities to Write in the Early Years

    Siobhan O’Donoghue, Reading Recovery Specialist (PDST), talking about opportunities to write in the early years

  • Running Records

    An example of a running record.

  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Assessment for Learning and Valuable Observational Tools

    Siobhan O'Donoghue, Reading Recovery Specialist (PDST), speak about assessment for learning and valuable observational tools.

  • Word Reading - Sentence Dictation

    Teacher assessing word reading skills and spelling skills (using sentence dictation).

  • Big Book Shared Reading

    An interactive read aloud with a class in Bansha N.S

  • Importance of Graded Levelled Readers

    Lucy Gannon (Educational Psychologist, NEPS) talking about the importance of levelled readers

  • Continuing Professional Development

    Siobhan O’Donoghue, Reading Recovery Specialist (PDST), talking about the importance of continuing professional development

  • PLC I

    An introduction to a Professional Learning Community

  • PLC II

    A professional learning community discussing running records


    Professional Learning Community discussing access to text including non-fiction

  • PLC IV

    Professional Learning Community in St Tola’s National School discuss the assessment of comprehension.

  • PLC V

    Professional Learning Community reviewing word reading

  • Early Reading Material

    Lucy Gannon (Educational Psychologist, NEPS) talking about NEPS position on early reading material

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