Inspectorate Publications

The Inspectorate publishes a range of reports and other publications to advise and support schools, policy makers and the wider educational community.  The main types of publications are:

  • National reports on different aspects of the school system: these reports provide findings and recommendations arising from our analysis of school evaluations and from the research we conduct on specific themes or subjects. They often include examples of best practice and can be used by schools to improve teaching and learning.
  • Guides and information notes about how we carry out inspections: these provide information on different types of inspection such as Whole School Evaluation (WSE), subject inspection, incidental inspection
  • Inspectorate Code of Practice which sets out the standards we have for our work
  • Procedures for Review of Inspections which can be used by a teacher or a Board of Management who is dissatisfied with an inspection
  • Publications to support school self-evaluation
  • Oideas: the academic journal of the Department of Education and Skills. Oideas has been published on a regular basis since 1968.

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