Inspection Reports and Publications

Evaluation Reports and Guidelines

The Inspectorate publishes a range of reports and other publications to advise and support schools, policy makers and the wider educational community:

Download Evaluation Reports and Guidelines here

Inspections in Schools and Centres for Education

The Inspectorate carries out different types of inspections in schools and centres for education. We are also developing new types of inspection and advisory visits to schools.

Finding Inspection Reports

There are a number of different ways to find inspection reports, these are:

1. Find Inspection Reports for an Individual School

Inspection reports on individual schools can be found through the Find a School function on the website. Firstly find a school and you will be given all the details on that school including all the inspection reports published for that school. Click on any individual report to download.

2. Find Reports by Type of Inspection

Choose the type of report from the list below and you be presented with a list of all the published reports for that Inspection type. Use the search option to filter the list by county, by school level, by subject or by date.

 3. Find Reports Using the Advanced Search

 You can use Advanced Search to find Inspection Reports for Schools and Centres for Education:

  1. In the field “with all of the words” key in the roll number or the name of the school or centre
  2. Click the Inspection Report button
  3. Click search and all the reports for that school will be shown
  4. Click on any individual report to download.

See Also

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Review of Inspections

A teacher or a board of management affected by an inspection may seek a review of the inspection using the procedures outlined in Procedures for Review of Inspections on Schools and Teachers under Section 13(9) of the Education Act (1998) (Revised 2015).

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