Resource Efficiency

Resource Efficiency Action Plan (REAP)

The Department is a keen contributor and actor within the Government’s action plan on Climate Change. One such action looks at our consumption and utility of resources.

Resource efficiency lies at the heart of our efforts to ensure that we, as an organisation of people with a common purpose, use energy, water and other resources as efficiently as possible. We intend to reduce and eliminate waste, and where that is not possible to ensure recycling and reuse.

The Resource Efficiency plan for both the Department of Education and the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science has fifty three separate actions. It relies on people within both Departments to drive change in our culture and practice.

We as an organisation have successfully reduced our energy consumption, year on year, through a variety of improvements in appliances, behaviours, lighting, and processes. We have achieved a reduction of 28.3% on a baseline set in 2009.

Our ambition is to drive positive environmental effects through our resource efficiency plan for 2020-2021. Our progress will be mentioned and available in future annual reports.