Financial Reports

Performance Budgeting

In line with a Government Decision, from 2012 the Department of Education & Skills is required to produce its annual Estimate in a new Performance Budgeting format. The aim of this is to strengthen the focus of the Estimates process towards a greater emphasis on the outputs and outcomes that the Department will deliver with public funds, rather than the traditional focus on the financial inputs.

The new format is based on what the Department, in its Statement of Strategy, has undertaken to do and deliver. The Statement of Strategy will itself reflect commitments contained in the Programme for Government in relation to this Department. Performance Budgeting is a further development of the Annual Output Statement (AOS) process, whereby the traditional style Estimates were accompanied by the AOS, with both documents forming the basis of consideration of the draft Estimates by the relevant Oireachtas committee in advance of the vote in the house on the Estimates.

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Financial Reports



European Social Fund

The European Social Fund (ESF) in Ireland is managed by the Department of Education and Skills (DES).  The ESF supports a range of training courses, schemes and projects across the country through co-funding (50/50) from the European Commission and Government Departments (including the National Training Fund). DES distributed €28.5 million in ESF received from the European Commission in 2016 as follows:

Disbursement of European Social Fund (ESF) Receipts

Human Capital Investment Operating Programme (HCIOP)
Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning (PEIL)
Department of Education and Skills13.02.7
Department of Social Protection2.70.8
Department of Justice and Equality 0.5
Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government 0.2
National Training Fund7.01.6

Over the life of the HCIOP the full €375 million ESF allocation to Ireland was claimed.