27 March, 2019 - Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh T.D. hosts next in a series of Regional Stakeholder Forums

Latest of five meetings being held around the country to focus on Irish in the education system 

Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh T.D. hosts the third in a series of five regional forums with stakeholders in the education and skills sector this evening, Wednesday, 27 March 2019, at NUI Galway. 

The Minister invited a range of stakeholders from the education system, teachers and academics, figures involved in Irish language organisations and passionate voices to gather views about how best to improve the teaching and learning of Irish at all levels in the education system.  

The meeting will also explore ideas on how to promote the use of the Irish language in everyday life. 

Speaking ahead of the forum Minister McHugh said: “I am deeply committed to encouraging everyone who wants to learn, young people and adults, to engage with the Irish language and to use it in their everyday lives.  

“It is a rich and important part of our identity and culture, and being bilingual gives us a clear advantage in learning other languages. 

“The Government is strongly committed to strengthening the learning and use of Irish in schools and communities in the Gaeltacht and our Policy on Gaeltacht Education is working well in that regard. 

“But we can also do more to promote and support Irish outside the Gaeltacht, and that’s why Cumasú: the Action Plan for Education 2019, which I launched recently, contains strong commitments to improve the teaching and learning of the language. 

“I am delighted that many stakeholders have accepted my invitation to attend this policy forum and discuss with me how best we can achieve those objectives and work on ideas to make our language more relevant,” the Minister said.  

“I am delighted to see such interest in the stakeholder events. They are providing a valuable space to raise issues and thrash out ideas. We are creating an environment to bring people together and to promote collaboration, discussion and innovative thinking.” 

Notes to Editor 

The five regional meetings focus on the following topics:

  • Education and Training Priorities 2019-2021
  • Future Skills and Brexit
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Higher education and the technological university model
  • An Ghaeilge