24 September, 2018 - Minister Bruton welcomes public sector deal on new entrant pay

The Minister for Education and Skills, Mr Richard Bruton TD welcomed the outcome of negotiations between the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform on improvements to new entrant pay.


“I am delighted that the Government has been able to agree the deal announced today on restoration of pay for new entrant public servants. This deal provides for a series of incremental jumps for new entrants at the fourth and eighth points of their scale. This change will mean for example a €3,600 increase by this time next year for a teacher who started in 2011, a €1,500 increase for a teacher who started in 2014 and a €1,000 increase for a teacher who started in 2016 on top of other pay changes already agreed.


“The new deal complements the improvements to starting pay already agreed to under the Lansdowne Road Agreement which will see the starting salary of a teacher rise to €36,318 in October of this year and increase further to €37,692 in October 2020. Even in a tight labour market, these are very attractive starting salaries for graduates.”