14 May, 2015 - Education Ministers publish Best Practice Guidelines in Literacy and Numeracy Provision at Post-Primary Level

The Minister for Education and Skills, Jan O’Sullivan TD, and the Northern Irish Education Minister, John O’Dowd MLA, have welcomed the publication of two North/South Inspectorate Reports: “Best Practice Guidelines in Literacy Provision at Post-Primary Leveland “Best Practice Guidelines in Numeracy Provision at Post-Primary Level

The reports build upon important collaborative work involving the Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) in Northern Ireland and the Department of Education and Skills (DES) Inspectorate over many years. The reports provide guidelines on how best to promote and improve literacy and numeracy across the curriculum at post-primary level. 

Minister O’Sullivan said: “Recent work on literacy and numeracy has been of major importance to both jurisdictions on the island, arising from the realisation that a good quality of teaching and learning in literacy and numeracy is essential for the learner’s success in all areas of learning. This report follows on similar work undertaken in primary schools in the recent past, but moves the focus to literacy and the adolescent learner.

“The fact that each author of this report had the opportunity, as part of the North-South Inspector Exchange programme, to work alongside their counterpart in the other jurisdiction strengthens the basis for this work.”

Minister O’Dowd said: “The findings of these reports are informed predominantly by exchange visits between inspectors and visits to schools north and south. The visits included lesson observations and meetings with relevant personnel, including the subject leaders/heads of department of other subjects. The lessons visited included subjects which the schools identified as having significant impact on their students’ literacy and numeracy development. The reports illustrate characteristics of good literacy and numeracy practice in English and mathematics, and in other subjects and also explore the place of literacy and of numeracy as key elements in effective teaching and learning.”

Thanking the Inspectors who compiled the reports and both Inspectorates for continuing to foster co-operation and good practice in the education sector across Ireland, the two Ministers said: “We welcome these publications and commend them to everyone with an interest in education but especially to those whose work relates to the promotion of high standards of literacy and numeracy.”


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