22 December, 2014 - Minor works grant to be paid to primary schools with temporary recognition

Minister for Education and Skills, Jan O’Sullivan, TD, today confirmed that 55 primary schools with temporary recognition will receive the minor works grant this year.

Since 2006 the grant has only been paid to schools with permanent recognition.  The Minister’s decision will now result in every primary school in the country receiving the investment.

Speaking about the announcement Minister O’Sullivan said, “In the past number of years we have reformed how schools are established.  Demographic demand and future enrolment projections are now a central part of school establishment.  We can now be confident that every primary that is established will have strong enrolment numbers relatively soon after opening.”

“Given this reality I can see no reason to deny access to the minor works grant to schools with temporary recognition.  Within the coming days the 55 schools with temporary recognition will receive their grant funding.  I know this funding is used very effectively by school management and I am glad to be able to provide equal access to all schools to this support.”


Note for editors:

The rates payable are €5,500 per school plus €18.50 per mainstream pupil and €74 per special needs pupil. The grant is worth €6,425 for a 50 pupil school and more than €11,000 for a 300 pupil school. 

The cost of paying the grant to 55 schools with temporary recognition is approximately €400,000

The total cost of the minor works grant in 2014 is approximately €28.5m