14 November, 2014 - Minister for Education and Skills- Second- level teaching union decision to strike “disappointing and disproportionate”

Minister Repeats Call For Unions To Re-engage on Basis of Fair and Reasonable Offer

Minister for Education and Skills, Jan O’Sullivan, TD, today said that the decision of both second-level teaching unions to strike on 2nd December over reforms to the junior cycle was “disappointing and disproportionate.”

According to Minister O’Sullivan, “It is deeply regrettable that the ASTI and the TUI have decided to embark on a course of action that will disrupt schools and cause serious inconvenience for students and their families. This decision is at variance with the potential for progress on junior cycle reform that is currently on the table.”

“Over recent months I have accepted the genuine concerns that many teachers had about the future of the junior cycle. In putting a new offer on the table this week I have gone as far as I can to address those concerns while still maintaining the integrity of junior cycle reform. 

“This new offer has the capacity to break the impasse and enable us to move forward and introduce a reformed junior cycle that is in the interests of students. Unfortunately, both unions have decided not to engage and will now embark on unnecessary and disproportionate strike action.

“I wrote to both unions before their meeting today saying that I am willing to engage further at any stage on the basis of the new offer. That offer still stands.”