13 November, 2014 - Minister English visits India to highlight education and research opportunities in Ireland

The Minister for Skills, Research and Innovation, Damien English TD, is currently on a trade mission in India.

He is working with Enterprise Ireland to highlight a range of education and research opportunities in Ireland, and a particular emphasis is being placed on partnership opportunities at third- level.

Speaking about his visit, Minister English said: “India represents a fantastic market for Irish education institutions and associated companies. There is a huge interest in education and skills development, as well as a strong sciences sector within the national economy. This very much mirrors the situation here in Ireland, and I am confident that we can harness these common interests to our mutual benefit.”

The Minister is accompanied by Giles O’Neill, Head of Education in Ireland. Mr O’Neill said: “Ireland’s education institutions have made a strong name for themselves in India and continue to grow their share of the huge Indian education market with the number of Indian students studying in Ireland having doubled to more than 1,500 over the past three years. Enterprise Ireland’s strategy is to grow the number of Indian students studying in Ireland to more than 3,000 within the next three years. These students make an enormous contribution to the Irish economy. The Indian students themselves benefit, through a very real career path, a stay-back option of a year, and access to, and involvement with, the very progressive research and innovation agenda in Ireland. 

“From a network perspective, having Indian students studying in Ireland and indeed Irish students studying in India nurtures stronger ties and opens up commercial opportunities for both Ireland and India – Irish educated, globally connected. This mission is about building on this progress and promoting Ireland as a top class respected education destination under the Education in Ireland brand”.

Some events taking place during the mission include:

Bangalore- Thursday, 13th November- Launch of Science Gallery Bangalore, the first Science Gallery outside Europe and part of the award-winning international initiative pioneered by Trinity College Dublin.

New Delhi- Friday, 14th November- Education Agents Workshops, run by Education in Ireland. The agents are a key channel for Irish higher education institutions to enroll students.

New Delhi- Friday, 14th November- Official launch of 40 National College of Ireland scholarships for Masters programmes beginning next January, as well as the official launch of the UCD and UCC’s market offices in India.

New Delhi- Saturday, 15th November- Minister to attend Education in Ireland student recruitment fair.

There will be various media opportunities throughout the trip.