01 July, 2013- Education and Training Boards replace VECs

Major reform will deliver more than €2m savings annually

The Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairí Quinn T.D., has today announced the establishment of 16 new Education and Training Boards (ETBs), that will replace the 33 Vocational Education Committees (VECs). 

Minister Quinn said: “Today marks a new era for education and training in Ireland. The new ETBs will strengthen locally managed education and enhance the scale of local education and training. This represents a major component of the public service transformation agenda. At a time when the need for training and reskilling has never been more important, it is crucial to provide appropriate programmes and courses that offer students and learners the best opportunities to progress. We must do all of this while providing value for money to the taxpayer.”

This major reform will reduce the number of Chief Executive Officers in line with the number of bodies and full year savings are estimated at €2.1m.

The new configuration paves the way for exciting new provisions that will provide for the establishment of SOLAS, the dissolution of FÁS and the transfer of training functions to the newly formed Education and Training Boards.  The Further Education and Training Bill 2013 to provide for the establishment of SOLAS will be enacted this month. It is envisaged that SOLAS will be formally established before the end of this year.

As part of the change, the Irish Vocational Educational Authority will change its name to Education and Training Boards Ireland (ETBI).  ETBI will represent the Education and Training Boards and promote their interests.

“I want to pay tribute to all stakeholders – staff, councillors, managers, parents, teachers and students – who will be instrumental in ensuring the success of the Education and Training Boards,” Minister Quinn said.


Note for editors

The former VECs to be replaced by sixteen Education and Training Board are listed below:

Vocational Education Committee         Education and Training Board
City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee City of Dublin Education and Training Board
County Donegal Vocational Education Committee Donegal Education and Training Board
County Kerry Vocational Education Committee Kerry Education and Training Board
City of Cork Vocational Education Committee Cork Education and Training Board
County Cork Vocational Education Committee
City of Galway Vocational Education Committee

Galway and Roscommon Education and

Training Board

County Galway Vocational Education Committee
County Roscommon Vocational Education Committee
City of Limerick Vocational Education Committee Limerick and Clare Education and  Training Board
County Limerick Vocational Education Committee
County Clare Vocational Education Committee
County Cavan Vocational Education Committee

Cavan and Monaghan Education and Training


County Monaghan Vocational Education Committee
County Dublin Vocational Education Committee Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Education and Training Board
Dun Laoghaire Vocational Education Committee
County Kildare Vocational Education Committee Kildare and Wicklow Education and Training Board
County Wicklow Vocational Education Committee
County Kilkenny Vocational Education Committee Kilkenny and Carlow Education and Training Board
County Carlow Vocational Education Committee
County Laois Vocational Education Committee

Laois and Offaly Education and Training


County Offaly Vocational Education Committee
County Longford Vocational Education Committee Longford and Westmeath Education  and Training Board
County Westmeath Vocational Education Committee
County Louth Vocational Education Committee

Louth and Meath Education and Training


County Meath Vocational Education Committee
County Mayo Vocational Education Committee

Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim Education and

Training Board

County Sligo Vocational Education Committee
County Leitrim Vocational Education Committee
Tipperary North Riding Vocational Education Committee Tipperary Education and Training Board
Tipperary South Riding Vocational Education Committee
City of Waterford Vocational Education Committee

Waterford and Wexford Education and

Training Board

County Waterford Vocational Education Committee
County Wexford Vocational Education Committee

HQ locations 

Local Education and Training Board Headquarter location
City of Dublin Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
City of Cork and County Cork Cork (greater city area)
County Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Tallaght, Dublin 24
Limerick City and County and Clare Limerick (greater city area)
Donegal Letterkenny
Kerry Tralee
Tipperary Nenagh (sub-office in Clonmel)
Wexford and Waterford Wexford (sub-offices in Waterford City & Dungarvan)
City and County Galway and Roscommon Athenry (sub-office in Roscommon Town)
Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim Castlebar (sub-offices in Sligo & Carrick-on-Shannon)
Cavan and Monaghan Monaghan (sub-office in Cavan Town)
Louth and Meath Drogheda
Longford and Westmeath Mullingar
Laois and Offaly Portlaoise
Kildare and Wicklow Naas (sub-office in Wicklow)
Kilkenny and Carlow Carlow Town

Note: As no merger is involved in City of Dublin, Donegal or Kerry their headquarters remain unchanged.

Main aspects of the reform

16 education and training boards (ETBs) replace 33 vocational education committees (VECs)

The new ETBs will include 21 members comprising 12 local authority representatives, 2 staff representatives, 2 parents’ representative and 5 members from bodies representing community/business interests.  The existing VEC members remain on until the next local elections

One community/business interest representative must be drawn from business, industry and employers; one must be drawn from learners’ representative bodies and one must be representative of bodies connected to school management or leadership

ETBs will be required to publish strategy statements (similar to education plans which VECs produce)

ETBs will have a streamlined annual planning process

The Minister is empowered to require an ETB to establish a school or other education or training institution

An ETB will be enabled to operate in the area of another ETB when directed to do so by the Minister

An ETB will be permitted to jointly operate education facilities with other bodies and, in certain circumstances, to provide support services to other education or training providers