11 November, 2009 - Minister Haughey welcomes Department of Education and Science Inspectorate report on effective literacy and numeracy practices in DEIS schools

The Minister for Lifelong Learning, Seán Haughey TD, has today welcomed his Department's Inspectorate report describing what eight primary schools have done to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes for their pupils.Written in an informal narrative style and incorporating quotes from teachers and pupils, the publication is intended to support the sharing of good practice among schools and teachers. Speaking today following the publication of Effective Literacy and Numeracy Practices in DEIS Schools, Minister Haughey said.'I am very pleased at the positive approaches taken by the schools in question.'The stories of these eight schools and how they are improving literacy and numeracy outcomes for their pupils are very heartening not only for themselves but also for the wider school community. 'I am sure that teachers and parents will find the efforts and insights of the eight school communities involved to be stimulating and inspiring.'The eight schools are supported by DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools), the action plan for educational inclusion of the Department of Education and Science. Inspectors found that although each of the schools has its own distinctive characteristics, they all share a genuine commitment to bringing about improvements in teaching and learning. Minister Haughey went on to say 'It is great to hear at first hand these positive experiences.'The story of each school is provided in an individual chapter that describes the school's context, what is happening for teachers and pupils, and shares advice from the school about what works best for them and could work for other schools.'In addition to the stories about the eight individual schools, the publication also considers some of the general lessons that can be learned from these schools. Features of the management and organisation of the schools as well as their approaches to teaching and learning in literacy are examined.
While the publication tells the stories of eight specific primary schools, they are similar to schools right across the country where teachers and parents are working successfully to improve literacy and numeracy standards.
'This positive report will be an invaluable resource for teachers.
'The lessons from these eight schools are applicable not only to schools serving areas of disadvantage but to all schools. 'The publication describes what works well and it offers simple, clear advice about how to emulate such good practice,' concluded Minister Haughey.This report can be accessed through the following link ENDS