10 December, 2007 - 175 inspection reports published on Department's website

A total of 175 school inspection reports were published today on the Department of Education and Science website alongside the responses received from the schools inspected.  New inspection reports on the web today include 34 Whole School Evaluations (WSE) reports on primary schools including  10 Curriculum Implementation evaluations, focusing on Science, Maths and Social, Personal and Health 11 Whole School Evaluations (WSE) reports at post-primary level within  which there were also 44 subject inspections  reports 86 Stand alone subject inspection reports at post primary level Since 6th February 2006, school inspection reports, such as WSE and Subject Inspections, are published on the Department of Education and Science's website at regular intervals throughout the school year.  There are now 1,401 school inspection reports on the website, covering 862 different schools or centres for education. Whole School Evaluation reports comment on the school's management, planning and management of resources, the effectiveness of teaching and learning, its arrangements for student assessment, supports for students, provision for minority groups and home-school links. Depending on the size of the school an inspector or team of inspectors visit the school for a period of time to evaluate management and planning, teaching and learning and supports for pupils. Following this evaluation phase of WSE, Inspectors discuss the findings and recommendations with school management and members of teaching staff. This is followed by a period for factual verification of the report and a timescale is built into the process for the school to respond to the WSE report. At the end of this process the WSE and School Response are published simultaneously on the Department's website. Subject Inspection reports evaluate the teaching and learning of specific subjects in second-level schools. A number of subjects can be inspected as part of a WSE or a school can have a stand alone subject inspection. The reports appearing today include a total of 126 subject inspections covering 31subjects including English, French,  Physical Education, Art, Gaeilge, Geography, Guidance, Home Economics, Mathematics , German, Music, History , Materials Technology and the Science subjects.The Inspection Reports can be accessed in the highlights section of the Department's website www.education.ie.The list of School Inspection Reports published on the Department's website today can be viewed in HTML Format by clicking hereENDS