Ireland 2016

A Year for Everyone

2016 will belong to everyone on this island and to our friends and families overseas - regardless of political or family background, or personal interpretation of our modern history.

The Government is committed to ensuring that 2016 will be a year of rich and diverse activities when the full complexity of the last 100 years on this island can be explored and celebrated.

Update 09 March 2016 -Proclamation Day: A Message from Minister O'Sullivan.

Update 22 January 2016 - Due to ongoing building work at the National Gallery of Ireland, it is now likely that the exhibition of winning entries in the 2016 all-island schools art competition will not be possible until early 2017.

Ireland 2016 Art Exhibition at the National Gallery

The final component of the Department’s programme of projects and competitions under the auspices of Ireland 2016 was unveiled to the public at the Millennium Wing of the National Gallery of Ireland on Thursday, April 06. Looking forward rather than to the past, this is an exhibition of artworks by students of all ages, from all corners of the island, on the theme of Imagining Ireland in 2116.

A substantial portion of the competition was organised and run by the network of education centres around the country. Full details of the exhibition, winners and finalists can be located at the National Gallery website.

Awards for results in the 2016 Junior Certificate History Examination

See list of winners of Departmental Ireland 2016 awards, for results in the 2016 Junior Certificate History Examination, as selected by the Chief Examiner.

Poem for Ireland

A Poem for Ireland Poetry Competition

poetry competitionThe Department of Education and Skills, the public library service and Libraries Development, Local Government Management Agency are holding the A Poem for Ireland Poetry Competition for post-primary schools, as part of the commemoration events for Ireland 2016.



Your School's Proclamation Day, March 15th

Notice 16 September 2016

Any schools who still wish to upload their Proclamation for a New Generation are asked to do so before the deadline of Friday, September 30. The Ireland 2016 team intends to publish a collection of school Proclamations before the end of 2016, so any remaining schools wishing to upload or edit their Proclamations are asked to do so now.

The log-in facility for nominated teachers is accessible at After September 30, this log-in facility will no longer be accessible.

March 15th 2016 has been designated 'Proclamation Day' for schools in Ireland.

Update 16 March 2016 - Due to the exceptional interest shown by schools in seeking to upload their own Proclamations for a New Generation in time for Proclamation Day on March 15th, we are extending the deadline for the uploading of schools' proclamations to the last Monday in April, i.e. as close as possible to the actual centenary of the reading of the Proclamation in 1916. This has been a very valuable project, giving a real insight into the views of our children, and it is important that we allow sufficient time for any other schools to upload their proclamations to Scoilnet, up to 4.00 PM on Monday, April 25th.

Update 09 March 2016 -Proclamation Day: A Message from Minister O'Sullivan.

As part of the Ireland 2016 commemorative programme, the Department of Education and Skills has provided time for schools to commemorate and reflect upon the events of 100 years ago. The following is an outline of what might be considered. This outline is not intended to be prescriptive or exhaustive. The approach taken by any school to Proclamation Day is for its senior management to decide, ideally in consultation with students.

To celebrate the Easter Rising in its centennial year, Proclamation Day will take place in all educational institutions nationwide on March 15, 2016, with key project 'Proclamation for a New Generation' at its core. Here are 10 memorable ways schools can get involved.

Thinking about a 1916 ancestry project?

Primary and post-primary schools are invited to engage in a project that traces a family tree back to 1916. This is intended to give students a real experience of researching archival material and to afford them an opportunity to find out more about the conditions in which people lived in 1916

Delivery of National Flag to Primary and Special Schools

Notice to Primary and Special School Principals

Update 09 February 2016 - The Defence Forces have almost completed the delivery of National Flags to primary and special schools as part of the 2016 commemorative programme. In order to ensure that no school may have been inadvertently omitted from the database of schools, any primary or special school awaiting news of its National Flag delivery should contact Sergeant Andrew Lawlor at or phone 01 6449068 immediately.

Irish FlagYou will be contacted between September 2015 and March 2016 by your Local Authority 2016 Project Co-ordinator. She/he will liaise with the Ireland 2016 Project Office in the Department of Arts Heritage & the Gaeltacht and the Defence Forces to arrange the delivery to schools of the National Flag by the Defence Forces, as part of the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme.

For more see: Ireland 2016 - Delivery of National Flag to Primary and Special Schools

Department’s 2016 commemorative programme

For more details of the many other projects and resources available to schools under the Department’s 2016 commemorative programme, please see