Career Guidance Review

The Department of Education and Skills has committed in the National Skills Strategy 2025 and the Action Plan for Education 2016-2019, to commence an independent review of existing career guidance tools and career information for students and adults and recommend changes to improve the existing tools and information currently in place across the education and training system in Ireland.

The purpose of the review is to ensure that we are providing high quality, relevant career guidance information to students from post–primary level up to further and higher education. The review will look at the quality of information available to students and adults in relation to career guidance, the sources of this information and how the system is organised to support students and adults in this area.

The Career Guidance Review is being carried out by Indecon International Consultants.

It is critical that the review reflects the inputs/views of the guidance community, as well as of the population of students/learners. With this objective in mind, Indecon developed an approach to provide each group with the opportunity to input into the review via a structured questionnaire format.

Responses to the survey are published only where permission to publish was granted.