Summer Provision 2020

Home Based Summer Provision 2020

Parents and Guardians:

  1. Summer Provision 2020 Guide for Parents
  2. Home Based Summer Provision 2020 Reconnecting with Education Information & FAQs for Parents
  3. To register for the home-based summer programme for children with complex needs,  click here.
  4. Guidance for a Home-Based Summer Programme to Support Children with Special Educational or Care Needs
  5. Home Based Summer Provision 2020 Grant Claim Form
  6. The National Council for Special Education has published some useful information for parents which is available here
  7. COVID-19 Guidance for provision of the Home-based Summer Programme to Support Children with Special Educational or Care Needs

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School Based Summer Provision 2020

Guidance on Summer Provision Letter to Principals 25 June 2020

School Covid-19 Response Plan Summer Provision

The following webinar is an induction on the return to school safely for Summer Provision 2020:

All special schools and mainstream primary schools with special classes have been invited to register for the summer school based programme.

Any special school or mainstream primary school with special classes that has not received an invite to register should contact the Special Education Section by email  at

DEIS Summer Provision 2020

Information for DEIS Primary Schools

  1. Summer Camp Handbook
  2. Frequently Asked Questions on the Reconnecting with School Summer Camp Programme for DEIS Primary Schools

Detailed information on running camps and an Expression of Interest Form will issue to all DEIS primary schools via Dublin West and Navan education centres.

Information for DEIS Post-primary Schools

  1. Reconnecting with School: Guidance on Summer Programme For post-primary schools participating in the DEIS programme
  2. Terms and Conditions for Reconnecting with School: Summer Programme in DEIS Post-primary Schools
  3. Frequently Asked Questions on Summer Programme for DEIS Post-primary Schools
  4. To register your interest click here