Remote Area Boarding Grant

How does a student qualify for the Remote Area Boarding Grant?

To qualify for a boarding grant, an applicant must be:

  • normally resident in the State; and
  • resident at least 4.8 km from a second-level school where suitable free second-level education is available and more than 3.2 km from a pick-up point on a transport service to such a school; and
  • unable to obtain a place in a suitable second-level school within 25 km of his/her normal place of residence.

Pupils resident on off-shore islands that do not have a school providing suitable free second-level education may also qualify for assistance under the scheme.

What level of grant assistance is available under the Remote Area Boarding Grant?

The maximum grant payable under the scheme from the commencement of the current school year may not exceed € 4,947 per pupil per annum. 

The grant is payable quarterly in arrears to the parent/guardian, whichever is appropriate, subject to verification by the school that the pupil has been in full-time attendance for the period concerned and a provision of a statement of the annual maintenance charge.