Appeal against Permanent Exclusion, Suspension or Refusal to Enrol

Important Notice:  Arrangements for Section 29 appeals during the Covid 19 emergency

Having regard to the current public health guidance, alternative arrangements have been put in place for the hearing and processing of appeals under Section 29 of the Education Act 1998.  These arrangements are set out in addenda to the existing procedures which have been determined by the Minister following consultation with the education partners and will apply until the public health advice permits a return to the previous arrangements.

The addenda are available here –

Important Information regarding school administration issues during the current public health emergency

Schools administration during the current public health emergency


Information for parents on section 29 appeals:

An appeal may be made to the Secretary General of the Department of Education & Skills in respect of a decision by a board of management or a person acting on behalf of a board of management to:  

  • permanently exclude a student from the school, or
  • suspend a student from the school for a cumulative period of 20 school days in any one school year, or
  • refuse to enrol a student in the school.

Circular letter M48/01 Appeal Procedures Under Section 29 of the Education Act, 1998 applies.

[1] In the case of a school which is established or maintained by an Education and Training Board (ETB), the appeal against the decision of the board of management of the school shall be made, in the first instance, to its ETB.

How to Apply

Submit completed Section 29 Appeals Application Form and a letter confirming the decision of the board of management by email to:

The letter from the school, must be signed by a board of management member; title of signatory must clearly state board of management membership or secretary to the board. The appeal should be submitted within 42 calendar days from the date the decision of the board of management was notified to the appellant.

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