Resources for Parents

The national strategy Literacy and Numeracy for Learning and Life, includes a range of actions to enable parents and communities to support children’s learning. The strategy recognises that parents who are engaged in their child's learning, have a significant positive impact on a child’s educational achievement - especially in literacy and numeracy.

As part of this strategy, the Department asked the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) to highlight the role that parents and communities can play in improving children’s literacy and numeracy, using media, online resources and celebrity endorsements.

To achieve this, NALA has developed Help My Kid Learn - a simple website that brings together relevant information for parents and the wider community to support children’s literacy and numeracy development.

The website’s purpose is to provide fun activities that parents can do with their children to develop their literacy and numeracy. It includes general information, fun activities and useful tips. Help My Kid Learn is a website where people can see that supporting a child’s literacy and numeracy development is a natural, easy and fun activity that can be integrated into any part of their day.

There are already a wide range of statutory and voluntary groups at community level supporting the literacy and numeracy development of children and adults. This website aims to work with, and support all those efforts by providing a single reference point for parents and guardians to better understand their role in their children’s literacy and numeracy development.