English Language Assistant Spain

Why should I choose Spain?

Spain is a modern, vibrant country. It's a tolerant, accepting society, with a multicultural population. There are excellent universities, museums and natural spaces. Its geography is amongst the most diverse in Europe – beaches, mountains, national parks and plains. There are big cosmopolitan cities and small towns and villages. Spain has a great transportation system and is well communicated with Ireland and the rest of Europe.

What are the terms and conditions?

Every year there are approximately 70 TO 80 POSTS in primary or secondary schools or in public language schools.

The programme welcomes applicants from any field. Participants need some knowledge of the language, but it’s not required to be a student of Spanish. Candidates do not need a background in education. Teaching experience or training will be an asset.

Dates of appointment: 1 October – 31 May. In Madrid until 30 June.

Hours: 12-16 per week

Salary: approx. €700-1000 per month. Salaries paid directly by some regions (cupo comunidad) are as follows:

  • Madrid, 16 hours / €1,000
  • Murcia, 15 hours / €875
  • Galicia 16 hours / €935
  • Comunidad Valenciana 16 hours / €1,000.

Medical Coverage

The assistant should have a European Health Insurance Card. In the event that the assistant does not have one, and only if there is a just cause, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training or the Autonomous Community of destination will sign an insurance policy that will provide health coverage.


  • age:20 - 60 years old.
  • one year (60 ECTS credits) of university studies completed by the application deadline (minimum Level 7)
  • Irish nationality, however, candidates from other EU countries will be considered, if they have completed the majority of their secondary school education in Ireland and are fluent in English
  • British citizens are eligible if currently studying at an Irish university
  • UK or Irish passport holders who have completed secondary education overseas may be contacted at a later stage to assess their knowledge of Irish culture.

Travel Costs

Travel expenses to Spain and back are not covered by the scheme so must be paid by the assistant.

What are the assistants' duties?

Assistants help with the teaching of English. They may be asked to assist in classes of other subjects delivered in English, and to participate in extra-curricular activities such as workshops, field trips, music/theatre performances or sports events.

Where can I go in Spain?

There are posts available in all the Spanish "Comunidades autónomas" (autonomous regions), including Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary and Balearic Islands. Efforts will be made to meet the applicants’ preferences, but their choices cannot be guaranteed.

As in Spain each region is governed autonomously, assistants are paid directly by the region they are allocated to. Because of this the Spanish authorities distinguish between “cupo Comunidad Autónoma” and “cupo Ministerio”, which is no other than an indication of who is contracting the assistant and paying their salary. In this way it is easier to identify the number (“cupo”) of language assistants needed by schools in a particular region and adjust the number of contracts according to their budget.

Will there be an Induction Course?

There will be an information session in Ireland in June and a one/two-day induction course in Spain in late September or beginning of October. This will include information on administrative procedures and provide training and offer ideas for the classroom.

For further information, visit the programme website.


Closing date for receipt of applications is 09 March 2020.

Completed application forms must be returned to the International Section, Department of Education and Skills, Marlborough Street, Dublin 1, D01 RC96.