English Language Assistant Scheme Applications

English Language Assistant Scheme

The English Language Assistant (ELA) Scheme operates between Ireland and six other European countries:

AustriaBelgium (Wallonia-Brussels), FranceGermany Italy  Spain

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 we ask you visit www.hse.ie  and  www.dfa.ie  to keep informed of the situation as we cannot answer any queries in relation to travel etc.

The role of the ELA is to assist teachers in the classroom and help pupils to see a foreign language as a living language of millions of people rather than as a ‘school’ language. The basic duties of the assistant are:

  • to assist the regular staff of the school either in Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Belgium/Wallonia-Brussels
  • to conduct conversation classes in English
  • to supplement such classes by exercises in reading, dictation and oral composition / written composition
  • to give pupils an insight into the way of life in Ireland.

The six countries referred to above also select applicants from their own country who want to serve in Irish schools on the same basis as Irish assistants serve in these countries.

Due to the current restrictions, Attestation Forms from lecturers/tutors, can be emailed to us without the University stamp.

Conditions of the Post of English Language Assistant

The assistant is normally employed for 12/16 hours per week for one academic year. Outside the stated 12/16 hours of work the assistant is left free, subject of course to the usual discipline of the school. There is ample opportunity for personal studies. It may sometimes be possible for the timetable to be adjusted so as to allow long weekends or days free for travel or attendance at university or other courses.

Please be aware that the English Language Assistant Programme is a competitive process and candidates may only apply for a post in one country.

Further information

For further information please email ELA@education.gov.ie