Consultation with survivors of abuse in children’s residential institutions

A number of survivors of abuse in children’s residential institutions have sought the holding of a series of meetings which would serve as a forum for former residents and others with close personal involvement to reflect on their experiences, the State’s response to the issue of institutional abuse and to make any recommendations they wish to make.

The Department would like to get the views of survivors on how that consultation process should proceed. To give your views, a short survey form can be accessed at  No personal data is collected during this survey. 

There is also a freephone service 1800911201 or 08000114697 which is operated by Barnardos and will run from Thursday 31st May until Wednesday the 20th June from Monday to Friday (excluding the June Bank Holiday)  between the hours of 1pm to 5pm where your verbal responses to the survey will be recorded.

 Thank you in advance for participating in this survey.

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