Review of Apprenticeship in Ireland


November 2014 - Ministers O’Sullivan and English Announce Renewal of the Apprenticeship System

January 2014 - Review of Apprenticeship Training in Ireland published.

Press Release: 21 January, 2014 - Minister Quinn publishes review of Apprenticeship system.


On 19 May 2013, the Minister for Education and Skills announced a wide-ranging review of apprenticeships in Ireland. The role of the review was to "examine the future of apprenticeship training in Ireland with a greater focus on work-based learning and a closer alignment of the current needs of the Irish labour market."

A Review Group was established to progress this task and submissions from organisations and bodies with an interest in this area were considered.

The submissions sought views across 6 key areas:

  • Area 1 - An overview of the effectiveness of the current system, the issues which need to be addressed and the ideal model for the future of apprenticeship, having regard to Ireland's current and future needs.
  • Area 2 - Looking forward, what changes might be made in a re-structured or fundamentally reformed apprenticeship system in regard to any or all of the issues set out below.
  • Area 3 - Information on other systems/programmes in Ireland, including those with significant work based learning.
  • Area 4 - Information on programmes in other jurisdictions which have a significant work-based learning element which are relevant as possible future models in Ireland.
  • Area 5 - The scope for broader integration of other occupations into an apprenticeship or traineeship model in Ireland. This could include an exploration of areas where current work based learning provision is of an ad hoc or unstructured nature.  
  • Area 6 - Any other points deemed relevant to the review.