French / Irish Teacher Professional Visit Scheme


The scope of this pilot scheme is limited to a maximum of 18 teachers from France to visit second-level schools in Ireland for two weeks, and for 18 Irish teachers of French to visit second-level schools in France for two weeks on similar terms.  However, the visits will not be on a post-to-post exchange basis.

The objective of this scheme is to facilitate applicants where possible in the areas of:

Professional Development

The scheme is to assist Irish teachers in perfecting their knowledge of French and afford them the experience of working in a different educational system through a short-term visit of two weeks duration. The focus of the visit will be on professional development, through observation and participation in the life of the host school.


To develop school partnerships; the visiting Irish teacher will be expected to carry out an exchange project between their own school and the French host school. The project might typically involve the use of ICTs to support the exchange of information between students on topics such as music, school life, a local town or region.  The project element is included in the expectation that there will be real benefits in learning and language development for students in the partner schools.

The terms and conditions relating to the French/Irish Professional Visit Scheme are outlined in the Departments Circular 0028/2010.

How to Apply


Address: Department of Education, Teacher and Special Needs, Terms and Conditions Unit, Cornamaddy, Athlone, County Westmeath, N37 X659

Telephone: (090) 648 3826