Making a payment to the Department


This Department operates a commercial bank account in order to receive payments from a variety of sources. Due to the volume of payments received in the Department on a daily basis it is important that you forward an advance notification of your payment to the Department in order to ensure that your payment is credited for the purpose intended.

Payments are made to this Department by Electronic Fund Transfer ( EFT)

If you are making a payment to this Department, you need to:

  1. Send the Department advance notice that your payment is being lodged to the bank account of the Department by completing the attached form and sending it to the Department. Emailing the form is the quickest method for this Department to receive your notification form.
  2. Give your bank the details of the payment to be made to the Department.

It is also important that your bank lists the legend (the reference number)  on the payment when lodging the payment.

Payments received without a legend will not be credited to your record until the payment is identified as your payment.

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