Data Protection and your Pension

  • The Procedures and processes for the pension unit to hold your personal information changed in May 2018.

    Under the Data Protection Act of 2018 and the EU data protection laws known as GDPR, the pensions unit of this Department has responsibility for protecting your personal information. To do this we have listed below the legal basis for the pension unit to hold your information and the privacy notices listed below explains what the pension unit specifically does with your information for each different process of your pension application or query.

    The pensions unit to balance the obligations of the Department under the law as holders of your personal information (Known as Data Controllers) and our responsibility to you to safeguard your information will not share or release your personal information to any 3rd party, such as an insurance company/ tax advisor, even if you have signed a form with that company for them to seek your information from the pension unit. What the pension unit will do is to issue the information requested by a company directly to you and then you can decide if you wish to release your information to the company. There is an exception to this process in the case of Family Law matters.

    It should also be known that the pension unit do NOT hold medical records of teachers / / Non- teaching staff and where copies of medical records are required , you should contact the Occupational Health Service Providers , who are currently   MEDMARK LTD. Their advice line is:  1890 235 711.

    The Legal Basis by which the Department holds your personal data

    The pension unit under the Data Protection Policies of this Department maintain and review our Data Protection Policy on an annual basis.

    For 2019, the date for the review of these policies was on the 4th April 2019.