Transfer of Public Service Pension


It may be possible for Teachers/Non-Teaching Staff to transfer their previous public sector pension entitlements to their current scheme.

Persons seeking to establish if their pension from their former or current employment is subject to transfer should consult the attached Public Sector Transfer Network (PSTN).

How to apply

For former Teachers/Non-Teaching Staff wishing to have their previous Teachers/Non-Teaching Staff pension transferred to their current employer (who must be listed on the PSTN) they should contact their current employer and request them to seek a transfer of pension from this Department.

For current Teachers/Non-Teaching Staff who wish to have public sector service from previous employment (which is listed on the PSTN) included in their current Teachers/Non-Teaching Staff pension, they should complete the attached Confirmation of Public Sector Service form and send it to your previous employer who will then forward the form to this Department.

In light of the various organisations involved in the transfer of pension entitlements, Teachers/Non-Teaching Staff seeking to transfer in their previous service should do so at least 6 months prior to their retirement date. Applications are processed based on the retirement date and the date of birth of the applicant.

Please note that persons in the Single Pension Scheme *cannot  transfer

(1) Previous public service

(2) Monetary values either into or from a private pension plan

*Persons in the single pension scheme are people who commenced public sector employment since 01/01/2013 or who were working in the public sector prior to 01/01/2013 but had a break in service of 26 weeks or more.