Retirement on Medical Grounds


A teacher, while in pensionable service, may apply for retirement pension benefit on medical grounds. The application process involves a medical assessment, by the Occupational Health Service (OHS), to establish if the teacher is medically incapacitated and if so that the medical infirmity is likely to be permanent.

Timeframe for making application for retirement on Medical Grounds

An application for retirement pension benefit on medical grounds may be made by a teacher who:

  • is serving in a pensionable post or is on approved leave of absence from such a post, including approved unpaid leave or absence on Temporary Rehabilitation Remuneration (TRR), and
  • has completed 5 years actual pensionable service.
  • has completed 2 years actual pensionable service if a member of the Single Public Service Pension Scheme

An application for retirement on medical grounds received from a teacher who is no longer in pensionable service and/or whose leave of absence, including absence related to illness, is not approved, cannot be considered.

Applicants for retirement pension benefit on medical grounds must meet these criteria and attend for a medical assessment with the OHS. The decision to approve or reject an application is based on the recommendation of the OHS.

How to Apply

To apply for retirement on medical grounds please see:

Information Leaflet - Form RETD1

Application form RETD1 and form TMED 1 and return to:

Pension Unit, Department of Education and Skills, Cornamaddy, Athlone, County Westmeath, N37 X659