Non-Teaching Staff

Retirement and Pensions Information for Non-Teaching Staff in Schools

This page is for certain non-teaching staff (certain caretakers, special needs assistants and certain clerical officers) in primary secondary, community and comprehensive schools and are paid salary through the payroll of the Department of Education and Skills and are not members of the single public service pension scheme.

Public Service Single Pension Scheme

Special Needs Assistants who started employment in the public sector for the first time since the 1st Jan 2013 or who re-joined the public sector after a break in service of more than 26 weeks are members of the Single pension Scheme and should access their pension information only from the tab below called “ Public Service Single Pension Scheme” .

General Information / FAQs

The links below provide general information on all aspects of the Pension Schemes for Caretakers and SNAs and a Query Form to complete and return to Pension Unit should you require more specific details.

General Information & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for SNAs and Caretakers

More detailed information leaflets and application forms are available under the relevant tabs.

Voluntary / Compulsory Retirement

Cost Neutral Early Retirement

Retirement on Medical Grounds

Death Benefits

Preserved Benefits

Notional Service Scheme

Estimate of Pension Benefits

Refund Of Contributions

Supplementary Pension

Making a payment to the Department

Transfer of Public Service Pension

Data Protection and your Pension

 Family Law

Public Service Single Pension Scheme


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