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The Payroll Division provides a payroll service to teaching and non-teaching staff in primary, voluntary secondary and community and comprehensive schools. Retired personnel are also paid through this service.

Payroll Services and Information

Payroll Division Information Note September 2020


Payroll Division Business Contingency Arrangements

Due to the Government Decision on the management of the health emergency in the education settings, the Department of Education has implemented remote working from home for Department staff. This includes the operation of the school staff payrolls on a remote basis.

The Department will continue to pay salaries and pensions to school staff as normal on a fortnightly basis.

Arrangements for the payment of salary/pension to staff paid by the Department of Education: Payroll Arrangements

Financial Statements

The Payroll Division of the Department is not issuing P60s since 01 January, 2020. 

The “Employment Detail Summary” on the Revenue website has all the information required and replaces the P60.  The “Employment Detail Summary” is accessible on the Revenue website in myAccount. It is accessible through the ‘Review your tax’ link in PAYE Services.  This summary verifies your income for a historical tax year or for the current tax year (ie. a year-to-date figure).  It contains your pay and statutory deductions for the year as reported by the Department.  The document can be used as proof of income where required by third parties.

There is a  facility for you to generate a PDF.  You can send the PDF directly to the bank or financial institution and you can provide the financial institution/third party with the Access Code. This enables the financial institution to securely view the information and they can be satisfied that the details provided are an accurate copy of the income returned to Revenue. 

This facility also eliminates the requirement for the Department to issue financial statements required for banks and other financial institutions..

Customer Service 

In line with the Government Decision on the management of the health emergency, it is not currently possible to operate telephone lines. Accordingly, school authorities and school staff should email queries to the designated payroll email addresses listed below. For payroll queries please quote your PPSN, payroll number, phone number and your school roll number in your email.

Payroll Division Contact Details:

Teachers and non-teaching school staff - Please provide your school roll number when contacting the Department to help us direct your enquiry to the correct staff member.

Contact the Payroll Division

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Claims must be submitted promptly at the end of each academic term: Christmas term, Easter term and Summer Term.

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