Payroll and Financial Services

What is my Personal Public Service Number (PPSN)?

Your PPSN is a 7 digit number with 1 or 2 letters at the end and appears on your payslip as well as on other correspondence you may receive from the Office of the Revenue Commissioners or the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.

What do I do if my PPS Number changes?

You will receive notification from Client Identity Services, Department of Social Protection.   This notification must be submitted to the relevant payroll area to ensure your records are updated. If you are registered with the Teaching Council, please also advise them of your new PPS number.

How do I change my Address / Surname / Bank Account Details?

For data protection purposes all changes of personal details must be submitted in writing and signed.  Please quote your Payroll Number / PPSN and advise of the exact change required.   For a change of name, please submit a copy of the relevant certificate.   The notification should be addressed to the appropriate payroll area, Payroll Division, Department of Education, Cornamaddy, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, N37 X659

What is my Employer Registered Number?

All employers are required to register with the Office of the Revenue Commissioners for PAYE purposes. The Employer Registered Numbers that apply to you vary depending on  the sector in which you are employed. The numbers in use by Payroll Division are as follows:

Post Primary Payroll Teachers – 0081300S

Primary Teachers Payroll – 4000099H

Retired Payroll – 4001495U

NTS Payroll - 9599516K

Why do I need to know my Employer’s Registered Number?

You need your Employer Registered Number for tax purposes.  You should ensure that Revenue issues a current tax certificate to your Employer Registered Number.  Otherwise you will be taxed at emergency rates.

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