Job Sharing

Job Sharing Scheme for Teachers employed in recognised primary and post primary schools

The purpose of the Job Sharing Scheme is to assist teachers in combining work commitments and personal responsibilities/choices. A teacher may make an application to share a wholetime post on a 50:50 basis or may apply to reduce their hours to 50% of a wholetime teacher. The minimum period for a Job Sharing arrangement is one school year.

For further information, please refer to the Job Sharing Scheme contained in Circular 0054/2019 titled ”Leave Schemes for Registered Teachers employed in Recognised Primary and Post Primary Schools”.

How to Apply

A teacher must complete, on an annual basis, the Application Form at Appendix A and submit to his/her employer not later than 1st February prior to the school year in which he/she proposes to commence or (in the case of a teacher wishing to extend an existing arrangement) continue Job Sharing.