Career Break

Career Break Scheme for Teachers employed in recognised primary and post primary schools

A Career Break is a period of special leave without pay for a period of not less than 1 school year.  It may be extended on an annual basis provided the total period of the Career Break does not exceed 5 years at any one time, subject to an overall maximum of 10 years absence in the course of the teacher’s career. 

The main objective of the Career Break Scheme is to facilitate applicants where possible, in relation to areas such as:  personal development, voluntary service overseas, accompany spouse/partner on diplomatic/military posting, educational purposes, public representation, family reasons and self-employment.

For further information, please refer to the Career Break Scheme contained in Circular 0054/2019 titled ”Leave Schemes for Registered Teachers employed in Recognised Primary and Post Primary Schools”.

How to Apply

A teacher must complete the Application Form at Appendix A and submit it to his/her employer not later than the 1st of February of each school year prior to the school year in which he/she proposes to commence or seek extension of a Career Break.

Important Note

In response to issues raised in relation to teacher supply, certain restrictions imposed in the Career Break Scheme have been suspended for the past number of school years. You are advised that these restrictions are also suspended for the 2021/22 school year.  A teacher who is on a Career Break may now be employed, in a substitute capacity only, without the restrictions imposed in the Career Break Scheme as contained in Chapter 7 (Paragraph 8.1) of Circular 54/2019.  See Information Note TC 0015/2021.