Building Momentum

The Action Plan for Education has been developed in accordance with the requirement in - ‘Building Momentum – A New Public Service Agreement 2021 – 2022’ to develop sectoral action plans linked to the reform agenda in the Agreement (section 1.6 of Building Momentum). In accordance with the Agreement this plan sets out objectives, deliverables and timelines, and has been signed off by the Secretary General of the Department of Education following consultation with Unions.

The Action Plan is set out as a series of actions relating to primary, post-primary and further education sectors under four priority areas linked back to the reform agenda outlined in Building Momentum.

As stated in the Agreement, the Covid-19 crisis of 2020 saw an unprecedented display of commitment, flexibility, hard work and agility in service provision across the range of civil and public services. The Agreement reflects a commitment by the parties in the education sector to harness this momentum for change to meet the immediate challenges that present in the lifetime of the Agreement, and to prepare for future challenges.

Compliance with the Plan for access to benefits of Building Momentum

There are two general round pay increases of 1% as part of the agreement which are due to be paid on 1 Oct 2021 and 1 Oct 2022.

Payment of the increases is conditional on (a) progress on agreed Action Plans and (b) compliance with industrial peace provisions.

The Department will report publically on delivery of the action plan and compliance with industrial peace to the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform at least one month before payments are due.