Initial Teacher Education (ITE) Post Primary


Post-primary Initial Teacher Education (ITE) is provided through programmes of a consecutive or a concurrent nature. 

The most common route to qualification is the consecutive route, which comprises a suitable degree and teacher education qualification.  A suitable degree is defined as an award from a state-recognised university or similar third-level college, which enables the holder to teach at least one curricular subject to the highest level within the post-primary schools curriculum.  For most subjects, this means to Leaving Certificate Higher Level.

A suitable ITE qualification is defined as a qualification from a state-recognised university or similar third-level college, incorporating three specific elements (Foundation Studies, Professional Studies and School Placement) and which is directed towards the 12 to 18 age range (first year to sixth year). The programme must extend over at least one year of full-time study or equivalent. With effect from September 2014, postgraduate programmes of ITE accredited by the Teaching Council will be extended to two years full time study or 120 ECTS credits.

The Teaching Council website Teaching Council provides details of the individual subject requirements (subject criteria) for all post-primary curricular subjects.  The Teaching Council website also provides a list of degrees which have in the past been deemed to meet the requirements for named curricular subjects. Given that degree programmes and elective modules within degrees can change over time, it is important that this list should only be considered as a guide.

Currently the following institutions in Ireland are providers of post primary ITE programmes:

InstitutionType of provisionWeb address
University College, Corkconcurrent &
University College, Dublinconcurrent &
Trinity College, Dublinconcurrent &
Dublin City 
University of Limerickconcurrent &
Mater Dei,
St.Angela’s College,
National College of Art and Design, Dublinconcurrent &
Crawford School of Art and Design,
Limerick Institute of Technology, School of Art and
St. Patrick’s College,
Galway Mayo Institute of Technology,



Address: Department of Education and Skills, Cornamaddy, Athlone, County Westmeath, N37 X659

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