Twitter Policy


The @Education_Ire account is operated and managed by the Department of Education Press Office staff.


If you follow @Education_Ire, you can expect tweets, photos and videos related to the Department’s activities about:

  • Ministerial engagements and Departmental events
  • Press releases and media events
  • Speeches and statements
  • New website content, such as circulars, reports and statistics
  • Education matters in the Houses of the Oireachtas
  • Other practical information on services available through the Department and its agencies

Following and Retweets

Twitter accounts followed by, and content retweeted by, @Education_Ire does not imply any endorsement of tweets, organisations or individuals. If you follow @Education_Ire, we will not automatically follow you. This is to help our followers identify other twitter accounts that we are following such as other state agencies and other departments.  

@Messages and Direct Messages

@Education_Ire is an effective ‘broadcast’ tool to share information with people who are interested in education. Unfortunately, we cannot provide replies or other feedback to our followers.

Sending a message via twitter is not considered as contacting the Department for official purposes, such contact should be made through our business units, available on our website - Contact Us. You can also email the Department at:

Please do not include personal/private information if you tweet @Education_Ire.


@Education_Ire operates during normal office hours from Monday to Friday, but may also operate outside of these hours on a discretionary basis. Unfortunately, Twitter is not always available - this Twitter downtime is beyond the Department’s control.

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