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 NEPS advice & resources during Covid-19

Advice and resources for parents, students and school staff to manage and stay well during Covid-19

NEPS Literacy Resources

NEPS Literacy Resource

Balanced Approach to Literacy Development in the Early Years (Report Cover)

Special Educational Needs

(Primary Schools)

A Continuum of Support: Guidelines - Primary (Report cover) A Continuum of Support: Resource - Primary (Report cover)

Special Educational Needs

(Post Primary Schools)

A Continuum of Support: Guidelines for Teachers - Post Primary (Report Cover) A Continuum of Support: Resource Pack for Teachers - Post Primary (Report cover)

Behavioural, Social & Emotional Difficulties

(Primary Schools)

Behavioural, Social & Emotional Difficulties - Primary Schools (Cover) Behavioural Emotional and Social Difficulties (Report Image)
(Post Primary Schools)

Behavioural, Social & Emotional Difficulties - Post Primary Schools (Cover)

Student Support Teams

(Post Primary Schools)

Student Support Teams (Report Cover)

Responding to Critical Incidents

 Responding to Critical Incidents Resource Materials (Report cover)

Responding to Critical Incidents during School Closures and Public Health Restrictions arising from COVID-19: Information Booklet for Schools

Critical Incident Templates for Schools:

Promoting Resilience and Social & Emotional Competence

Many NEPS psychologists train teachers to implement evidence-based programmes and practices that promote resilience and social and emotional competence in children and young people.  These include the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management (TCM) Programme and the FRIENDS Programmes.  For further information on these programmes please click on the following links:

Information for Parents

NEPS Parents Leaflet (Report Cover)


Student Support File

This word version of the Student Support File, allows schools to insert their own logo and use and adapt the format. It offers a flexible, generic ‘Support Plan’ and ‘Support Review Record’ that can be used at all levels of support.

  • Form (Word document)

Supporting ‘Guidelines for Teachers’ document is also available.

NEPS - Student Support File (Cover)NEPS - Student Support Guidelines (Cover)

Well Being in Post Primary Schools:

Well being in Post Primary Schools (Report Cover)

Guidelines, Tips and Handouts for Parents and Teachers

NEPS are producing some very useful guidelines, hand-outs and tips for teachers and parents. The latest topics in this series are in relation to Listening to young people and promoting dialogue.

Guidelines, Handouts and Tips includes:




Wellbeing Policy Statement and Framework for Practice 2018–2023

wellbeing_policy_coverWellbeing Policy Statement and Framework for Practice 2018–2023

 Maths Support 2020

maths_support_coverMaths Support Guide 2020

 An overview and the key elements of what we do in NEPS are outlined below.

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