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FOI - Freedom of Information


The FOI Act provides the following statutory rights:

  • the right to access records held by public bodies covered by the Act
  • the right to have personal information in a record amended where such information is incomplete, incorrect or misleading
  • the right to obtain reasons for decisions taken by public bodies affecting the person.

The Act distinguishes between personal and non-personal information. You can access your personal information regardless of when it was created if it is still in existence. You can only access non-personal information which has been created after the 21st April 1998 (commencement date of the FOI Act).

How to Apply

You should make your request in writing to:

The Freedom of Information Unit

Department of Education and Skills

Marlborough Street

Dublin 1

or by e-mail to:

When making your request, you should state that you are making your request under the FOI Act. You should also be as specific as possible to enable the information to be identified easily and, if possible, indicate the time-frame which applies to your request e.g. between May 2013-December 2013.  Also, if possible, try to specify the areas of the Department which you feel would be most relevant to your request.

The Department’s Section 15 and 16 Reference books, as required by the previous FOI Acts, provides information in relation to the structure of the Department, its records and its decision making which may help you to identify relevant areas and are available at the following links Section 15 Manual / Section 16 Manual.

If you wish you can use the Department's standard FOI Application Form to make your request or the Application Form for Former Residents of Industrial and Reformatory Schools for Access to Records depending on the type of information which you are seeking.

If you have a specific question on making an FOI request to this Department, please visit our Freedom of Information Frequently Asked Questions FAQs.

For more comprehensive information on Freedom of Information including the text of the FOI Acts, please visit the FOI Central Policy Unit website at