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Standardised Testing in Primary Schools


Standardised Testing in Primary Schools – Returns for 2012/13 - letter issued to Boards of Management, Principal Teachers and Teaching Staff of Primary Schools on 01 May 2013

Supporting Assessment:  Standardised Testing in Primary Schools

Circulars 0056/2011 and 0018/2012 asked schools to implement a range of measures relating to the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategy.

These measures included the implementation of standardised testing at 2nd, 4th and 6th class in primary school and the reporting of the information from these tests to parents, boards of management and the Department of Education and Skills.

How to make returns

During May/June 2013, you should carry out the tests in accordance with circulars 0056/2011 and 0018/2012

The results of these tests must be uploaded onto the Esinet portal on or before 28June 2013.

In order to upload the returns, please complete the following steps:

  1. The designated data entry person in your school should log onto the Esinet portal, click on ‘Literacy and Numeracy Returns’, and then ‘QCAP Application’, before entering the results of the tests on the form on screen, and clicking ‘Submit’.
  2. Once the scores are submitted, the data entry person should log out.
  3. The designated approver in your school should then log onto the Esinet portal, click on ‘Literacy and Numeracy Returns’, and then ‘QCAP Application’.
  4. If the approver is satisfied that the correct scores have been entered, he/she should click ‘Approve’. 
  5. A message will appear to say ‘Thank you. The data has been successfully approved’.
  6. The approver should then click ‘Finish’. 

Please note the following points in relation to the uploading of returns on the Esinet portal:

  1. All returns must be submitted online. Postal returns will not be processed
  2. Returns should be submitted by the designated data entry person in your school and then approved by the designated approver
  3. Submitted returns will not show up in the OLCS approval list. The approver must log into the application and approve the data.



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