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Appointment of Consultants


March 2014:
Guidance on Procuring Consultants for Small Works 2nd Edition March 2014 - published 10 March 2014. To view scroll down to SMALL WORKS (Summer Works and Small Devolved Projects). For main changes from 1st Edition March 2012 and Revision 1, August 2013, see Paragraph 1.1 in Introduction.

January 2013:
New procedures for the Suitability Assessment and Appointment of Consultants posted 3rd January 2013. These procedures will come into effect on the Monday 4th February 2013. Scroll down to view.

New Procedures for the Appointment of Consultants

Documents relating to the Appointment of Consultants are organised in the following categories:
1. Suitability Assessment (OPEN and RESTRICTED Procedures)
2. Award Stage Documents (OPEN and RESTRICTED Procedures)
3. Small Works (Summer Works and small Devolved Projects)
4. Archive Documents

Document Edition & Revision
Document edition numbers and revisions are stated on the cover of each document. To check for previous versions, follow the link to the relevant section and scroll down to ARCHIVE DOCUMENTS.

SUITABILITY ASSESSMENT (Open and Restricted Procedures)


AWARD STAGE DOCUMENTS (Open and Restricted Procedures)


SMALL WORKS (Summer Works and small Devolved projects)

Note: For the appointment of Consultants for Small Works (summer works and devolved projects) refer to:

Guidance on Procuring Consultants for Small Works 2nd Edition, Mar 2014

·         Appendix B - Sample Invitation to Tender Letter

·         Appendix C - Sample Invitation to Tender Letter (eTenders)

·         Appendix D - Form of Tender

·         Appendix E - Tender Proposal Form

·         Appendix F - Template Letter of Intent

·         Appendix G - Health - Safety Declaration

·         Appendix H - Template Letter to Unsuccessful candidates

·         Appendix I - Template Letter of Acceptance

·         Appendix J - Conditions of Engagement - Schedules A _ B

Step-by-Step Guide to using eTenders

Standard Conditions of Engagement for Consultancy Services (Technical) - (For appointment of consultants for small works only)