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School Design


For up to date information on projects see our Building Works section.

April 2014

TGD021-2, Guidelines and Standards for Sanitary Facilities in Primary Schools, and TGD021-3, Guidelines and Standards for Sanitary Facilities in Post-Primary Schools, published.  Click on Design Guidance and scroll down to view.

Revised Cost Limits for Primary and Post-primary schools published on 17 April 2014.  To view click on Procedures and Cost Plans and scroll down to COST LIMITS / COST PLAN TEMPLATES.

March 2014

Design Team Procedures for Small Works (4th Edition March 2014) published on 10 March 2014.  To view click on Procedures and Cost Plans and scroll down to DESIGN TEAM PROCEDURES.  Changes from 3rd Edition noted in Introduction, Paragraph 1.2.

Guidance on Procuring Consultants for Small Works 2nd Edition March 2014 - published 10 March 2014. Click on Appointment of Consultants and scroll down to SMALL WORKS (Summer Works and Small Devolved Projects) to view.

For main changes from 1st Edition March 2012 and Revision 1, August 2013, see Paragraph 1.1 in Introduction.

Procedures and Cost Plans

Suitability Assessment Questionnaires DoEs-QW1 and DoES-QW2 have been revised and updated to include for additional information in relation to:

  • 2.3 Nature of Applicant Limited Company: Company Registration Number, Identity of Chairman/CEO /MD
  • 2.3 Nature of Applicant Consortium or Joint Venture Company: Clarification in wording of all members in Consortium or Joint Venture
  • 3.3a Default Turnover of €2,000,000 if not stated in EU/eTenders Contract notice
  • 3.4c Guidance included on contract value required for projects included under this heading

Click on Procedures and Cost Plans to view.

October 2013

Procedures and Cost Plans section amended with the addition of guidance note - Guidance on Turnover Thresholds for School Projects. Updated Template Contract Notices added and incorrect links amended.

Click on Procedures and Cost Plans to view

Revised Instructions to Tenderers (ITT1 and ITT 2 - Department of Education & Skills (DOES) Specific Version) and DOES Model Form Letters to Successful and Unsuccessful Tenderers and Letter of Acceptance.

Click on Tender Documentation to view

September 2013

TGD026 Planning & Design Guidelines - Primary & Post Primary School Specialist Accommodation for Pupils with Special Educational Needs First Edition, 29th May 2012.

Addendum 1, 19th September 2013 added. (Following feedback from schools and a review of a sample of completed projects, a number of common themes and points emerged which required clarification. This document, Addendum 1, brings clarity to the issues raised.)

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School Design

This section provides technical specifications for educational buildings and guidance on the procedures to be followed by Design Teams and School Authorities for their procurement. Documents are organised in the following categories:

Procedures and Cost Plans

  • Design Team Procedures [DTPs]
  • Stage Completion Certificates
  • Contract Notices & Contractor Suitability Assessment Questionnaires
  • DTP Template Documents
  • Cost Limits / Cost Plan Templates
  • Archive Document

Tender Documentation

  • Public Works Contracts
  • Model Forms
  • Archive Documents

Appointments of Consultants

  • General
  • Open Tendering Process
  • Restricted Tendering Procedure Suitability Assessment
  • Tender Documents
  • Summer Works and Devolved Project
  • Archive Documents

Design Guidance: Primary and Post-Primary

  • Primary and Post Primary Design Guidance
  • Room Layouts
  • Construction Standards
  • Percentage for Art
  • Archive Documents

Exemplars and Template Designs

  • Generic Repeat Designs
  • Exemplar Designs
  • Gallery
  • Room Layouts
  • Archive Documents

Technical Guidance Documents

  • Current Technical Guidance Documents
  • Archive Documents

Document Edition and Revision

Document edition numbers and revisions are stated on the cover of each document. To check for previous versions follow the link to the relevant section and scroll down to ARCHIVE DOCUMENTS.

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