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Forum on Patronage and Pluralism in the Primary Sector

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In March 2011 Minister Quinn announced the establishment of a Forum on Patronage and Pluralism in the Primary Sector. The Minister appointed an Advisory Group to receive and assess the various views and perspectives submitted including those of parents, patrons, teachers and the wider community. The Group was tasked with providing the Minister with policy advice within the Terms of Reference of the Forum.

The Advisory Group conducted a number of meetings in public and sought submissions from main stakeholder groups and the public as part of its work. 215 written submissions were received and these were examined by the Advisory Group. Public working sessions with the main stakeholder groups were held on 22, 23 and 24 June 2011 and a further plenary session was held on 17 November 2011.

Following the November session a further 32 submissions were received. These working sessions were broadcast live over the Internet and recordings of the working sessions are available from this website. The Advisory Group also held consultation sessions with primary and post-primary pupils to ensure their views were considered as part of the Group's deliberations.







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Wednesday 22 June 2011


Recordings of working sessions

Thursday 23 June 2011

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Recordings of working sessions

Thursday 17 November 2011