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July Provision

2014 July Programme - Home Based

Updated: 15 October 2014

  • The payment section of the 2014 July Education Programme will remain open until the 14 November 2014 – Completed Claim Forms received on or before 08 August 2014 are currently being processed and payments will issue on these claims on 06 November 2014.
  • All claims received after 08 August 2014 are being be dealt with in date order.
  • Parents / legal Guardian who have not returned the payment claim forms should do so immediately.
  • A number of Claim Forms have been returned to Parents/legal Guardians for further clarification. These claim forms should now be submitted to: Department of Education and Skills, July Provision Home Based Payments Unit, Cornamaddy, Athlone, County Westmeath, without further delay.

This website will be updated regularly to keep Parents/ legal Guardians advised as to the payment process of the 2014 July Programme.

Parents and tutors are recommended to familiarise themselves with:

2014 July Programme - School Based

Payments to staff employed in approved schools participating in the July Education Programme will issue on the 6th November 2014.

Payment will be made via the Department's payroll to permanent primary school teachers and full-time/regular part-time Special Needs Assistants.

Temporary, casual, CID, Fixed Term and substitute teachers /SNAs who were employed and paid through respective payrolls between 1st January 2014 and 31st August 2014 in any capacity and who may or may not be currently employed, will receive payment via the relevant payroll. Teachers or SNAs that have commenced employment since 1st September 2014 and who have not been paid via the relevant payroll, will be paid directly by the Board of Management of the school.

All other Teachers/SNAs who participated in the July Programme will be paid directly by the Board of Management of the school in which the work was undertaken.

Full details of the payment terms are outlined on the July Provision page - School Based section. Alternatively, you can contact the School Based July Programme office by email at or telephone: 076 1108630/ 076 1108631/ 076 1108632.