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Information on issues relevant to parents and guardians is shown in the table below. Click view for detailed information.

We also provide details on services for parents and guardians on our Services page.

Boards of Management

Information for parents and Boards of Management

Education System

Overview of the Irish Education System

Literacy and Numeracy

National Strategy to improve literacy and numeracy skills


Information for parents and students


Information on school enrolment policy

National Emergencies / Public Health

Alerts and updates on health, vaccination and severe weather issues

Child Protection

Information for parents with concerns


A Guide for Parents to the Irish Education System

Your Europe

Parent and Student Charter

Legislation requiring schools to consult with parents and students, and publish and operate a Parent and Student Charter

Clothing and Footware Scheme

Help to meet the cost of uniforms and footwear for children going to school

Find a School

Listing of all schools by location and school type along with the Inspection reports for each school

Parents Councils and Associations

Information for parents of primary and post primary students

Complaints about schools

Information for parents on complaints procedures

Free Pre-School Places

Free places for children for the year prior to starting primary school

Patronage and Pluralism

Forum on Patronage and Pluralism in the Primary Sector

Costs to Parents

Uniforms and other costs

Help my Kid Learn

How to support your child's learning

School Holidays

Christmas, Easter and mid-term break dates


Primary and Post Primary curriculum and syllabus information


Information on evaluation of schools

Special Educational Needs

Supports available to children

Educational Psychological Services

NEPS supports for children

Irish Exemption

Information on how to apply for an exemption from studying Irish

Weight of Schoolbags

Information on how schools deal with the issue